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Training in DSP and Media Processing

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DSP classes
Image Processing
Image Processing using DirectFB
MPEG classes

1-to-1 tuition

Chris and Sarah

We can offer you in-depth consultancy and ongoing support in our specialist fields which include:

→ DSP and filter design
→ image processing for consumer electronic
→ video mixing, alpha blending, color keying
→ streaming media software development
→ NXP TriMedia software development
→ NXP STB810 software development
→ Linux DirectFB
→ component software architectures
→ API usability review

We have very reasonable and flexible terms.

Phone or email Chris to discuss your requirements.

Online Books → What is DSP?
→ What is DirectFB?

Our online books cover subjects in a clear, logical and understandable way. We avoid long mathematical proofs. We use the information from our highly respected classes in a simple, low cost format that you can use for self learning.

DSP Lite
DSP Basics
Image Processing for Consumer Electronics

Chris's Mission Statement

I love DSP but I think it is taught wrong. I want to teach people DSP so that they enjoy it as much as I do, and I want to teach it right! ...read more

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