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Dr Chris Bore is a consultant and trainer in DSP (Digital Signal Processing).

Author and presenter of many industrial short courses on DSP, Chris specializes in presenting and explaining complex technical information in clear, practical ways without unnecessary reliance on equations and formulae.

Chris's courses have been presented to many hundreds of engineers, programmers and technical managers in diverse industries worldwide.

Chris and Sarah

We can offer you in-depth consultancy and ongoing support in our specialist fields which include:

→ Digital Signal Processing
→ Frequency spectrum analysis
→ Digital filter design
→ Statistical signal processing
→ Image processing
→ Video mixing, alpha blending, color keying
→ Linux DirectFB
→ Medical imaging
→ Medical ultrasound

We have very reasonable and flexible terms.

Phone or email Chris to discuss your requirements.

Kindle eBooks

Our eBooks - designed specifically for Amazon's Kindle eReader - cover technical subjects in a clear, logical and understandable way. These books encapsulate the information from our highly respected classes in a simple, low cost format.

The Art of DSP
DSP Without Math
The Art of Image Processing
The Algebra of Video Mixing


Our free online DSP course has been followed by thousands of people over the 16 years it has been available. It is now available as a $0.99 eBook for Amazon Kindle - "DSP Without Math" - but you can still follow it on line here

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Classes & Courses

Our specialist industrial short courses in DSP and Image Processing have been presented to dozens of companies, large and small, throughout the world.

By booking one of our courses to bring a team up to speed you can avoid costly mistakes, get started sooner, and be productive faster.

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