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Chris and Sarah

Chris and Sarah met and married in their late teens, and despite initial concerns from their parents are still together over 30 years later. Chris studied Physics at Surrey University, gaining a First Class Honours degree in 1979 and a PhD in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance in 1982. He then worked at The European Centre for Nuclear Research (CERN) for a couple of years before moving in to Sales and Marketing for the next 3 years. During this time Sarah was qualifying as a State Registered Nurse and then as a State Certified Midwife until their children were born: James in 1983, quickly followed by Jenny in 1985.

Chris teaching in Woking In October 1988 Chris and Sarah set up Bores Signal Processing, selling and supporting the first floating point DSP hardware and software. They enjoyed working together to bring the personal touch to this highly scientific area. They formed lasting relationships with many of their customers and suppliers alike. Part of their customer support was to provide training classes in DSP: a notoriously difficult area which is often badly taught in university. It soon became apparent that Chris had an aptitude for taking complex and difficult subjects and making them accessible to other people. He was able to explain difficult-to-grasp-concepts with real-world easy-to-grasp illustrations, which helped people to understand concepts that they had struggled with for years. Not only did Chris discover he could teach well, but also that he loved teaching well.

Although almost new to TriMedia I really loved being trained by such a nice team - not "boring" at all!
S Fumagalli, NXP Semiconductors, Italy

Chris - always excited by new technolgy never does things by halvesIn 1998 Chris first came in to contact with Philips Semiconductors and the TriMedia processor. He was very excited by the potential that this chip and its software component architecture offered. He began to learn and understand its complexity and during this process developed excellent relationships with the TriMedia software and hardware architects, who he still works with closely. In 2000 Chris gave his first TriMedia training class and since then has continued to keep up-to-date with the many new developments: updating existing classes and developing new ones.

Sarah meets a childhood sweetheart during a class in Tampere, Sweden

In 2002 Chris and Sarah decided to concentrate on training and made it their core business. NXP/TriMedia hardware and software are the main subject areas that they train in, but also image processing and digital signal processing. Sarah assists Chris in their training classes running the many demonstrations, which enables Chris to concentrate fully on teaching. Sarah is also vital in ensuring that Chris, in his enthusiasm, remembers to stop occassionally to allow attendees to take a break, have a cup of coffee, or even something to eat. Attendees often comment on the way they work seamlessly together as a team in class, giving all the attendees an optimal learning experience.

With her nursing days far behind her, Sarah has gone on to study programming and helps Chris develop the programming examples used in class and to automate processes in Word and Powerpoint in the production of their training material. Interestingly, Sarah has also used the component software architecture concepts to develop their course material. This enables presentations to be 'built' from numerous component parts which makes the presentation material consistent, easy to maintain and keep up-to-date, which is vital in an area of such rapid change and development. It also means they are able to build custom courses to suit customer's individual requirements.

Chris and Sarah enjoy travelling, which is just as well since ther classes are requested all over the world. As a special treat, for holidays, they get to stay at home!

Chris and Sarah explore some old ruins during a class in Italy

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