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Consultancy in DSP and Image Processing

Successful projects need in-depth specialist expertise that is expensive to maintain 'in house'. Without it, decisions can be made which lead to serious problems and even failure.

We offer in-depth consultancy, training and ongoing support to supplement your team's skills with our expert knowledge and years of experience. By entering a consulatcny arrangement with us you can make good design decisions at the start, develop the skills and productivity of your team, and get expert advice as you progress. Consultancy Packages

We bring many years of experience and a high level of expertise in many areas:

  • DSP and Image Processing
    • Digital Signal Processing
    • FIR and IIR filter design
    • Image processing for consumer electronics
    • Video mixing, alpha blending and color keying
  • Programming
    • Cache architecture and memory optimization
    • Parallel programming optimization
    • Software component architectures
    • API usability
  • Linux
    • Linux DirectFB

To discuss your requirements please email Chris or telephone on +44 1483 740138 or +44 7921 153219