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A 3-day industrial short course

This 3-day course introduces the Linux DirectFB Video Mixing API for embedded systems. We introduce DirectFB's features by explaining the processes they are deisgned to implement and the background: this helps you to better understand how to use DirectFB to produce both more effeicient code and more compelling viewer experienes. The end result is that you will better understand why DirectFB works as it does, and how to use it to enhance the viewer's visual experience.

You will learn:

  • how DirectFB's interface programming model works
  • how video mixing concepts relate to optical models of viewing
  • how video mixing is implemented with layers, windows and image surfaces
  • the formal (but simple) algebra of video mixing
  • what alpha blending and color keying do
  • how video mixing is implemented in practice

Practical work is based on a simple Set Top Box platform that lets you program using DirectFB. You will write simple programs to:

  • implement alpha blending and color keying
  • change the order of layers
  • discover the mixing capabilities of the hardware platform