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This book is about Video Mixing: combining video, images or graphics from different sources onto a single destination, usually a display.

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Specifically it is about the algebra of video mixing - how it is defined and expressed mathematically - and how that algebra is implemented in practice.

Mixing includes the two fields of alpha blending (transparency) and color keying (blue screening). The traditional term ‘compositing’ includes mixing but carries a suggestion of careful, thoughtful placement as well as the actual combining of images. The basic algebra I describe applies equally well to still images but I go on to discuss the restrictions imposed by mixing live video due to the way mixing hardware is implemented.

The algebra of video mixing permits rich and subtle variations, most of which correspond to real visual effects. In practice very few are commonly applied and those that are can be misunderstood. I was motivated to write this book during a design meeting about a new video mixing device where an ‘expert’ graphic designer outlined the many modes supported and then said: “but I don't know why anyone would use anything other than ‘A over B’”. I thought to myself: “well I know why they would” - and hence this book.

The visual and colorful nature of the subject means you will gain much more from viewing this book on a Kindle viewer that supports color.