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"The Art of DSP" eBook

"The Art of DSP" is about DSP – Digital Signal Processing.

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DSP used to be a specialist subject but now most engineers and scientists – and many in other fields such as finance – will use it at some time. Signals are used everywhere and almost all processing is now digital, so knowing about DSP is essential.

DSP is often presented mathematically as an academic subject: but in practice you are not usually asked to derive or prove the mathematical tools, but to apply them. You need to understand what the tools do, their limitations, and how to use them.

DSP is an art: the expression of human creativity and imagination applied to design and to apply tools that shape the world in ways that are themselves works of art. The tools of this art are mathematics, analysis and programming.

This eBook focuses on “The Art of DSP”: learning the tools with understanding and intuition; using them with skill and ingenuity; applying them with imagination and creativity; and crafting with them in a careful, diligent way that is informed by practical reality.

This is not a text book or a reference. Nor does it teach programming or the maths of DSP. Its aim is to give you a basic and intuitive understanding that will inform your application of the tools, not to provide you with answers to exam questions.

This eBook – written specifically for the Amazon Kindle – is meant to be read as you would a novel: starting at the beginning, reading through in sequence, following the narrative. Not stopping to make notes, nor working through exercises or assignments, just reading it for enjoyment and to gain a first understanding of the subject.