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"DSP Without Math" eBook

"DSP Without Math" is about DSP - Digital Signal Processing.

You can buy "DSP Without Math" for Kindle, from Amazon

It is a brief introduction to some basic topics in DSP.

In it I explain DSP without relying on too much mathematical proof and derivation - instead I explain visually and by thinking what the processes mean in terms we can visualize. When you use DSP in practice you will rarely be asked to derive or prove its theorems - but you will need to be able to see when, how and why to apply those tools. It is not entirely without math - I do quote some formulae and equations - but they are not crucial to following the explanations.

I wrote this book in 1994, as the notes to support an industrial short course on DSP, and shortly after made it available as a free on-line book on the (then relatively new) World Wide Web. It became enormously popular, and the statistics show that more than 30,000 people have read the on-line version. In making it available in the Amazon Kindle eBook format I have used the original diagrams (which are larger and more legible than their on-line versions) but otherwise am publishing it without revision. Amazon do not allow Kindle eBooks to be permanently available free of charge, but I have priced it at the minimum possible - $0.99 - which is as close to free as it can get. I am happy if you find it helpful but would like you to remember that I wrote this 18 years ago, and I think my later work is very much better.

In the 20 years since 1994 I have written and presented many more courses on DSP, have thought more deeply about what really matters in the subject, and have learnt better ways to explain it. Those courses, and their associated on-line books, are available commercially from our web site - www.bores.com - and I am in the process of transferring them to the Amazon Kindle eBook format (you will find them on Amazon's web site by searching for Kindle books on ‘DSP’ and ‘Image Processing’).

This book is a concise and technical introduction. For a more thoughtful discussion and explanation of DSP, you might like my more recent book: "The Art of DSP" which is also available for Kindle through Amazon.