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Training Classes in DSP and Image Processing

Our short industrial courses in DSP and Image Processing have been presented to many hundreds of engineers, programmers and managers at companies large and small, worldwide, over more than 20 years.

Clients include Philips, Sony, Yamaha, NXP Semiconductors, Nokia, Sharp, Texas Instruments, Analog Devices, AT&T, Motorola, the Royal Navy, British Telecom, and many others.

Classes fall into the three broad areas of DSP, Image Processing and MPEG:

DSP: DSP, digital filter design, and DSP processor architectures.

Image Processing: Image Processing, compression, and video mixing.

MPEG: Understanding MPEG, and Streaming Media.

  • We can present onsite classes for groups from 5+ (depending on location) anywhere in the world.
    • reduce costs as no time or money, spent on travelling
    • class can be customised to suit your specific requirements