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Image Processing for Consumer Products Classes

Consumer products of all kinds now incorporate image and video capabilities. Picture quality, enhancement and correction are key differentiating factors that can lead to success of failure in the market place.

Image processing is fast becoming a standard feature but too often its technology and correct application are poorly understood leading to products that are inefficient or worse, whose picture quality falis to impress consumers. Image processing is a complex and difficult field with a subtle interplay between technology and human factors.

Our image processing training offers an in-depth explanation of the psychology and technology issues in Image Processing, backed up with many 'hands-on' exercises that help to build in-depth understanding and practical experience.

The following classes are available on site as industrial short courses:

Image Processing for Consumer Products: a 5-day course introducing Image Processing as it is applied for consumer products.
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Video Mixing: a 3-day course introducing Video Mixing as applied in video composition and Graphical User Interface (GUI) deisgn.
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Video Mixing using DirectFB: a 3-day course introducing the Linux DirectFB Video Mixing API for embedded systems.
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