Practical approach to measurable security improvement

We believe security is essential to protect people, organisations, and societies as technology advances and the threat landscape continually grows.

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We are an established family-run business delivering expertise in security and technology

Our values are core to our approach. We believe that one size does not fit all and that security improvement should be built around your organisation, not the other way around. We listen to the challenges you are facing, take the time to understand your culture and working methods, and help you to devise a solution which works for you.

We help you to embed security by design into your development processes at a fundamental level, and provide training to ensure that you do not become dependent on us but are able to continue to improve independently.

We find the best way to determine your needs starts with conversation over a coffee. We’ll get the coffee.



We can help with achieving your security and compliance goals across a wide range of standards, translating security and providing measurable improvement across multiple areas of your business.

Privacy by Design

Building privacy-focused systems to minimise the need for personal data protection enhancements

Security by Design

Integrating good security principles into your design workflow, reducing remediation costs

Threat Modelling

Enabling project managers and developers to proactively prevent security issues from occurring

Internal Security Assessments

Comprehensive assessment of your security stance across your organisation with practical recommendations for improvement


Help with achieving and demonstrating a good standard in the 5 trust principles required for SOC 2 reporting

ISO 27001

Tailoring an ISO 27001 ISMS to fit your organisation’s culture


Ensuring that your systems are designed and built to comply with the principles enshrined in the GDPR


Helping to minimise the scope to which PCI DSS applies, and improve security in the areas where it does to protect customer payment data

Practical approach to genuine security improvement

Whether it’s to upskill your people or help you to achieve your security vision, get in touch to find out how we can help.

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