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Family-run training and consultancy


It’s a new era for Bores as James Bore takes over the helm from his parents, Chris and Sarah who retired in 2020.

The ethos devised and maintained by his parents of building close relationships with clients as well as helping clients to help themselves when it comes to technology is still the backbone of the new Bores.

Whilst wanting to maintain the essence of the business as set by Chris and Sarah, James also has some exciting plans for the new incarnation Bores. He is focusing on digital, data and cyber security, and is offering a consultancy service. He will be working closely with his network to deliver the best service for his clients.

James has an MSc in Cyber Security from Northumbria University, and has worked in IT support, security, development, architecture and engineering. Cyber security is, however, his passion and he has made an international name for himself through speaking at international conferences, writing for magazines as well as contributing book chapters on insider and security threats.

James is not new to the family business and has been working on an ad hoc basis with his parents since 2005. He was more than happy to carry forward the Bores name when his parents retired as he was passionate about keeping the family business going. He feels it is a piece of history. Not only for his family but for the technology industry.

He intends to continue with the training aspect of the business and wants to offer a practical approach to genuine security improvement.


Chris and Sarah set up Bores Signal Processing, in October 1988 which sold and supported the first floating point DSP hardware and software.

Chris has a PhD in nuclear magnetic resonance and Sarah was in the medical profession. Together they brought a scientific yet personal approach to this highly technical sector.

It was at this time that Chris was introduced to Philips Semiconductors and the TriMedia processor. He started to study its potential and complexity, being on good terms with the TriMedia software and hardware architects. In 2000 he was able to offer his first TriMedia training class.

They also offered training in DSP as part of the on-going customer services which soon became the company’s USP. Not only did Chris discover he could teach well, by explaining difficult-to-grasp-concepts with real-world easy-to-grasp illustrations but he also discovered that he loved teaching.

We help you deliver appropriate and effective security


Helping organisations meet the five SOC 2 trust service principles

ISO 27001

Tailoring the ISO 27001 framework for your organisation


Providing practical advice to achieve data protection standards

Threat Modelling

Training and consultancy in using threat modelling to provide security by design

Incident Response Scenarios

Designing and delivering effective team building incident response scenario workshops

Vulnerability Management

Building risk-focused, practical vulnerability management programmes

Practical approach to genuine security improvement

Whether it’s to upskill your people or help you to achieve your security vision, get in touch to find out how we can help.

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