Fail Safely

Incident Response Testing and Training Workshops

Our Fail Safely workshops, built on the Secure by Scenario framework, provide a cost-effect, immersive, team-based tabletop exercise to simultaneously educate staff and test incident response planning. Scenarios are immersive and open-ended, adapting to the actions your team declares rather than expecting everyone involved to follow a strict script which models a perfect reality.

Every good security standard requires regular incident response testing, exercises which are often considered a waste of time and effort as a tick box exercise. Breach and attack simulation platforms are great for technical testing, but are an expensive and resource-hungry option beyond the reach of many organisations.

Our workshops have been used to train and educate new employees in incident response strategy, illustrate risk priorities and threat scenarios for senior staff, and explore response plans to identify gaps in controls.

Workshops consist of a two hour session with anything from 4 to 40 attendees taking different stakeholder roles in an incident, usually through three rounds of action. They can be taken as standalone workshops, or a package including analysis and improvement of incident response plans over the course of a year with scenarios re-running or unique for each run-through.

Scenarios can be taken from our standard playbook, customised, or developed under NDA and tailored fully to represent your organisation’s threat profile and likely attack scenarios for the most immersive experience.

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