Articles, Blogs and Books

Over the years Chris and James have done a fair bit of writing, as well as providing interviews and expert commentary for the media. To request an interview, simply use our contact form. A selection of previously published works are shown below.

To find out more about James speaking at your event, you can grab his one-sheet here.

Chris and James intermittently maintain blogs at Shy of Retiring and respectively.

James regularly writes for the Circuit Magazine, a trade magazine for the close protection industry. He has also contributed to a textbook, writing on the topic of Insider Threat, and is currently working on further contributions.

Chris has written several books on DSP and other topics, as well as multiple courses in the past.

This publication highlights the fast-moving technological advancement and infiltration of Artificial Intelligence into society.

A brief introduction to some basic topics in DSP.

DSP is an art: the expression of human creativity and imagination applied to design and to apply tools that shape the world in ways that are themselves works of art. The tools of this art are mathematics, analysis and programming.

This book is about DirectFB - an open source Linux API for graphics and video mixing.

This is a short book with a simple theme: that running should be fun.

This is a short book with a simple theme: that walking should be an end in itself.