Managed Vulnerability Management

Take the pain out of vulnerability management

Let’s face it, the biggest pain in dealing with vulnerabilities is usually not in the remediation, but in deciding what needs to be remediated. The data coming in from scanners can be overwhelming for technical teams who simply end up sprinting to try and keep up.

Simply carrying out triage is a time consuming effort which requires specialist knowledge of both technical security and business priorities, which is why we work to remove the pain for you. Rather than simply dumping the output of scans into your remediation teams, we work with you to provide a monthly review to triage and prioritise along with tracking the metrics that let you show you are moving the needle.

This means your teams can focus on what they do best, remediating and mitigating the things that matter and dealing with underlying causes, while we make sure the information they are getting about vulnerabilities is useful and actionable.

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