Privacy Policy

Family-run training and consultancy

When you visit our site we use a cookieless variant of Google Analytics to register your visit. Personally identifiable data is hashed on your client before being transmitted to Google so we and they cannot identify you. We do not store any cookies or other information on your machine.

Contact Requests

If you send us a contact request, we will store your contact information and the name you provide and process it to respond to you.


If you book on one of our courses or events, we will store your contact information and the name you provide to:

  • • Provide you with registration and joining information
  • • If applicable, send your certificate
  • • If you choose, to contact you with information about new courses and updates to courses which may be of interest to you

Once a certificate has been issued we can authenticate it on request. Our authentication mechanism does not require storage of any identifiable information. To authenticate a certificate an employer or reference should send an e-mail to with:

  • • Initials of the name printed on the certificate
  • • The date of the course
  • • The name of the course
  • • The authenticity code in the bottom left of the course

We normally store your e-mail address to allow you to request a reissue of your certificate. Unless you have asked us to, we will not use this to inform you of any new courses or course updates. If you prefer us not to store your e-mail address we can remove it, but will not be able to update authenticity records or reissue certificates.